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Imagine living life free of neck, back, and extremity pain without the use of invasive surgery or harmful medications. Consider a healthier lifestyle that includes: progressive treatments, better diet, better exercise, and a better you! Chiropractic medicine offers a unique alternative to medicinal pain management and spinal care that focuses on the root cause of discomfort and/or injury.

New to Chiropractic healing? Chiropractic healthcare is a discipline that emphasizes the treatment and prevention of neuromuscular conditions that include but are not limited to herniated discs, low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, leg pain and arm/hand numbness. Effective, hands-on treatment consists of spinal manipulation, disc decompression therapy, Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), ultrasound, intersegmental traction, electrical muscle stimulation, and muscle release therapy. Chiropractors understand how a spinal joint dysfunction can affect the body’s nerve network and functions, including its ability to fight off disease. They have expert knowledge of the spine and take pride in treating the body as a whole.

Why Jordan-Dunivent Chiropractic? The professionals at Jordan-Dunivent Chiropractic are passionate about improving the general quality of life by achieving pain free outcomes for each of their patients. Our doctors take the time to properly diagnose and explain the right treatment plan for all individual cases. The therapy methods used in our facility are cutting-edge, aggressive, and proven to be effective by our truly unmatched success rate. We believe that no person should live in pain. Whether you are experiencing headaches or chronic back pain, our chiropractors will address the complication as well as remedy the cause. We are committed to solving the discomforts caused by improper exercise techniques, injury, emotional or physical stress, poor posture, or poor workplace ergonomics. We alleviate pain that others can’t and we do it in half the time.

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