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Auto-Accident Chiropractic Services


The art of chiropractic focuses on adjustments to correct spinal malfunctions, called subluxations, in order to remove interference to the spinal cord and the nerves that exit between the bones of the spineAt Jordan-Dunivent Chiropractic we fully understand that following a motor vehicle accident you may be not only dealing with pain, but also insurance companies, repair shops, and rental car agencies -- and that can be stressful. Our goal is to make sure that you receive the best possible medical care in order to achieve an optimal recovery without the stress. Studies have shown that you may still have symptoms for years following an accident -- don’t let that be you! Call today for an appointment so that we can perform a comprehensive physical examination and necessary care.

What if I can’t afford treatment or I don’t have health insurance?
It is important to understand that the at-fault insurance company is responsible for 100% of your medical/chiropractic bills. They are responsible for covering all treatment and exams for your injury. Even if the accident is your fault you may still be entitled to medical care at no cost to you.

You can relax knowing that effective patient-centered care in a comfortable surrounding is a phone call away, without having to worry about the details of your care. We will handle the insurance paperwork for you, book your appointments in advance, and provide regular reports on your progress to your insurance company and if you have legal counsel.

Do you really think I need chiropractic care?
While medical care may be required initially to treat any fractures, cuts, etc, chiropractic care is the best option for rehabilitating joints and muscles often injured in auto collisions. Chiropractic care is very effective in the treatment of many different conditions, including whiplash, headaches, back and neck pain.

At Jordan-Dunivent Chiropractic, we take a special interest in caring for injuries that result from whiplash and other auto injuries. Get the care you deserve!

Don't make this Mistake. Medications may mask the pain for a few hours, but they do not aid your body’s ability to heal itself and may hinder the healing process. Medications cannot correct the soft tissue damage that is caused by an auto accident. If you are only taking pills irritated nerves will continue to plague you until you receive treatment. Pain medications alone will only mask the symptoms and not treat the injury.